Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday Shifts

I'm having a hard time finding time to blog, I admit. Between church and Henry and other projects I just haven't had time to write full-blown blog posts. I suppose it doesn't help that I can so quickly and easily share stuff on Twitter and Facebook, so if you follow me there you have probably been seeing me post stuff.

On my mind: the upcoming Annual Vestry meeting. This in the once-a-year meeting of the entire parish in which we discuss the financials, elect officers, and do other tasks related to managing our corporate life. This year will be particularly important since we are facing some significant challenges as a community. Basically, we did a fine job of controlling expenses in 2010. In fact, we came substantially under budget on the expense side of the ledger, but the income side suffered. We simply did not meet expectations around giving. Not even close! So this puts even more importance on the stewardship campaign.

So in preparation for Vestry this year the corporations (the Wardens and myself) are meeting weekly. We are writing reports and brainstorming strategy and taking care of as many details as we can. The meeting is Feb 20th, which is coming up fast!

Also on my mind, some interesting shifts happening in the congregation. attendance since Christmas has been a little soft, but then this Sunday it was back up. So was the energy, especially after the service. I saw a great deal of tenderness between the members of my community. They were taking care of each other, and I was pleased to see it.

Spring is coming. Thank God! And if I am wise I will play up the connection between the coming of spring, the celebration of Easter, and the resolution of various crises in the church's life. We have buried our dead. This week we are going to care for some of our sick. Then we will begin to mass for our counterattack upon the rough shores of fickle fortune!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hawai'i 2011

Here are the still photos I've uploaded so far from the Hawai'i trip.

You can see the set on flikr here.