Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Archbishop's Charge to Synod

If you haven't seen it yet, the Archbishop's Charge to Synod was very good this year. Archbishop Johnson pulled many pieces of the puzzle together for us: mission, Christology, the Our Faith Our Hope Campaign... it's all there. I was ecstatic, like who are working on mission here in the Diocese.

Incidentally, this was filmed by Tim Harry and myself. He was running the main camera and I had a second and also set-up the sound. Tim edited under the direction of Stuart Mann, who was producing the video.


Sermon: Advent 1, 2013

In my sermon from Sunday I preached about the Diocesan Synod meeting I had just attended, and its implications for the work we are doing as a church to be "missional" to the people in our neighbourhood. It goes back to Jesus and to hope, and I explore both subjects in this sermon, as well.


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Messiah Commons - Some More Detail

A mission team has been meeting weekly for some months now developing Messiah Commons. Here is a snapshot of our current thinking at this stage of the process.


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Three Projects for Messiah

I've been very, very busy for the last 6-9 months working on a series of projects that have coalesced into three main initiatives for the Church of The Messiah: Messiah Media, Messiah Market, and Messiah Commons. Messiah Media is about creating a resource centre for churches across the Diocese (including Messiah) to do New Media Evagelism. Messiah Market is a weekly Farmer's Market to take place at the church aimed at the local neigbhourhood. The last project on this list, Messiah Commons, is the most important of the group in terms of transforming the parish: we want to create a neighbourhood hangout where people can enjoy community without needing to be members of our church. It would be a third place possibly serving coffee and snacks. There would be wifi and events that would be attractive the Young Digerati, Urbane Villagers, and Rooms with a View people who live near our parish.

The Parish Council shared these plans with Bishop Yu at a special meeting last week. Below is the "Prezi" I used to do that. You can go through the prezi by pushing the forward and back arrow, or explore freely by zooming and navigating with your mouse. Enjoy.