Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More Security...

We had so many security problems at the church that we finally decided a few months ago (even before I was punched) to install security cameras. That work was finished today. Fast forward to this evening, when I got a call from the alarm system monitoring station--they were showing a burglar alarm at the church that hadn't been reset. I get these calls every few weeks--usually it's a false alarm. Sometimes it's the real deal.

So I dutifully put on my coat and shoes and headed out the church at 8:30pm. When I arrived I found the cleaning crew. They told me that the alarm had been going off when they arrived. I didn't figure out why it hadn't given them the usual delay to give them the time to reactivate it, nor why the monitoring station couldn't see that it had been reset. I shrugged, said goodnight to the cleaners and came home.

I had just taken off my shoes and coat again when the cleaners called back. Someone was in the building. They had heard someone closing a door upstairs in the daycare and were seriously freaked out. The cleaners ran outside and called me.

So I went back down to the church. Odds are, this is someone left over from the AA meetings earlier in the evening that was looking for somewhere warm to stay. I carefully searched the whole church with my big Maglite. As best I can tell, the person was probably scared off by the cleaning staff and left out the back stairway.

I'll find out for sure tomorrow when I check the video footage from our fancy new security cameras!


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