Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sermon - Easter 4 2012

Here is my sermon from Easter 4 ("Good Shepherd Sunday"). Thanks to various circumstances (like people not showing up for scheduled appointments) I had an unusually large amount of time to prepare for writing this sermon by reading more than the usual number of commentaries. I found lots of inspiring content, and the results are evident. Even the way that I am speaking too fast is evidence of how excited I was by what I found in the research time of my sermon prep.

Incidentally, speaking too fast is my go-to homiletic sin. But sometimes my flow gets going and it's hard to slow down. But if I had to choose between too-fast and excited and slow and detached, I'm going to choose the former mode every time. Because I believe strongly that the role of emotions is preaching is absolutely critical, and I am willing to make many trade-offs in order to have an emotive moment in preaching, especially with this congregation. The Church of The Messiah values authenticity above all else, and they will forgive me talking too fast if they think I am telling them about something that excites me.

Anyway, I felt like this was one of my stronger sermons in the last few weeks, so I went ahead and posted it. Enjoy!


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