Sunday, September 13, 2009


This morning Betsy and I got up a little early than normal for a Saturday and headed down to the St. Lawrence Street Market. We were there to pick up ingredients for a BBQ we are doing. First things first, a delicious p-meal bacon sandwich! Next, we headed to the farmer's market side to see what they had. While I was there I talked to one of the farmers about when the hot pepper crop will be coming in. He said that the large amount of rain and consequent loss of sunlight has delayed the growing season for both tomatoes and hot peppers, but there should be plenty of peppers coming to market in a week or two...

Back at home we processed another 20 lbs. of tomatoes into sauce. It's very satisfying to put 10 lbs. of onions and a whole bottle of red wine into the pot! Wonderful kitchen smells! I went off to do a service at church and when I came back Betsy had already made a fresh Salsa for the BBQ. More boiling and sauce making and cleaning up the house. Then we went to a friend's birthday party.

On the way home we stopped at a grocery store to get some things that we couldn't get at the market. Back at home, more cooking. Betsy made special patties and I made, sauce, of course. Now that's over and I can start going to bed!


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Geoff said...

No trip to the cathedral is complete without a peameal bacon sandwich from Carousel. ^_^