Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sermon - Pentecost 13 2009

I was very pleased with how this sermon turned out. I was nervous to preach about sex. I thought about how I was really trusting the congregation not to freak out. Afterwards one person told me some stories about very personal anecdotes they had heard from the pulpit in years past. By comparison my little sermon was tame! So next time I could be more explicit without so much worry.

Still, one visitor told me that she came from a Pentecostal tradition and thought my sermon was just edgy enough for her! It's important to preach where people are at, ya know?

Preaching about something of such interest to me made this a very easy sermon to both write and deliver. Still, when I listen to it I can't help but think of all the stuff I could have/should have mentioned! Anyway, enjoy!

Here's the audio...

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