Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bishop Johnson Elected Metropolitan

Bishop Johnson, the Bishop of the Diocese of Toronto, was just elected to be the Metropolitan for the Province of Ontario. This means that we will be the head of the Ecclesiastical Province that includes the Dioceses of Moosonee, Algoma, Ontario, Ottawa, Toronto, Niagara and Huron. Most Anglicans in Canada are within that jurisdiction. He will remain the Bishop of Toronto, but his new responsibilities will be added.
Archbishop Johnson outlined two areas that he would like to concentrate on. “I’d like to continue the work that the Province is doing in terms of advocacy, particularly for the poor and the needy in our society. The second area is continued work on renewal of theological education.” (He recently accepted the appointment by the Archbishop of Canterbury to be the chair of the Theological Education for the Anglican Communion International Steering Committee.) (source)

Congratulations to the now ARCHBishop, Colin Johnson!


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