Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mission Church--like building a plane in the air

I was at the Fresh Expressions Working Group meeting today. This is the Diocesan Committee that looks after church planting. I'm new to the committee, which is an Episcopal Appointment, and found it very exciting to hear about many of the new churches which are being founded around the Diocese. I knew about most, but not all, of these projects.

Needless to say, Missional Church was much discussed, and we (like everybody else) are really learning how to do it as we go along. In relation to this, (Diocesan Missioner) Jenny Andison told us about this video:

Yep, that feels about right. We build airplanes in mid-flight in the church!



Felicity Pickup said...

re "new churches which are being founded around the Diocese. "

Like what, for instance?

Tay Moss said...

One of the ones I find most compelling is the the Jeremiah Project at St. Anne's, Gladstone: a Toronto expression of Neo Monasticism. Their "River" service on Sunday afternoons is having great success.

I'd love to talk about the other two or three projects I know about, but I need to figure out how much is classified and how much is public at this point. Because I'm on the committee that oversees grant requests, I need to be a little careful about what I share.