Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to Work

So I've officially been back to work for a few days now. The predictable pile was waiting for me. Lots of things had to be put on hold waiting for me to return, but I am pleased that many other things simply went on (or started) without me. I told the congregation not to wait for me, and I am glad some have taken initiative.

But the routine for Betsy, Henry, and me has still to settle down. This morning Betsy ended up feeling pretty rushed to get out the door so I could give her a ride to the campus as I dropped off Henry. But we are figuring it out.

We are also starting a diet. Slim-fast. My idea. Why Slim-fast? Because it's a very basic, straightforward and non-cult-like method. It's pretty easy to follow and long-term studies have shown that it's perfectly healthy and effective. So, why not? My goal is to lose about 20 lbs in 6 months.

I'm still processing stuff from this summer. I didn't get all of my projects done, which means I have them still waiting for me. For instance, I need to sand-down and then re-oil the counter tops in the kitchen. I also have a bunch of firewood to chop once the weather gets a little cooler. Ingredients are on the way for another batch of beer. I also want to do some hard cider now that apple season in coming. I've already canned two-bushels worth of tomatoes (mostly as a nice red sauce), but I would like to can some other stuff as well. I can think of more... the projects never cease. Many of them are not strictly necessary, but I do enjoy having crafts and hobbies.

I'm looking forward to preaching again. I sort of have an itch to preach sometimes and I am really glad to have the opportunity to scratch that again. Preaching Sunday after Sunday becomes a real discipline than shapes your life when you are committed to it.

So... onward and upward!


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