Monday, February 28, 2011

Annual Vestry....

A week ago Sunday we had our Annual Vestry Meeting of the Church. Actually, it was just the first half of the meeting--the other half will happen after the Stewardship Campaign has run its course. So, because of that, the financial plans for 2011 are probably going to shift somewhat depending on how successful the campaign is.

The other thing we did differently this year was actually integrating the Annual Vestry Meeting with the Sunday morning worship. So we had Eucharist and all that AS WELL as doing most of the stuff necessary for it to be a canonically correct Vestry meeting (and those things we didn't get to on Sunday we can do later before the Vestry is officially adjourned).

So here is the actual Vestry Report. You can scroll through it in the window below. You can also right-click on it to get other options (like viewing full screen or printing it). (Here's the link to the actual PDF file.)

Yes, I realize this is much more attractive than most church Vestry Reports. I think that people are far more likely to read it and get something out of if it is visually engaging. Mostly I just used last year's as a template. InDesign is a beautiful thing! But there are a couple of pages that I was particularly proud of from a design/layout point-of-view. Not bad for a few hours work...


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