Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Also in the news: I finally got at iPad. I love it. Perfect for my work. The main things I do is read, talk to people, attend meetings, and write. It's perfect for all of these tasks. Meatier than an iPhone but as bulky as a laptop. I especially like using mine to read with. Applications like Flipboard and Kindle and iBooks are great for reading all the articles and PDF's that people pass on to me.

Evernote is also changing the way I manage information. I'm learning to rely on it to keep all those pesky little notes and scraps of information. I'm becoming far more efficient, I believe.

One of these days I need to do a tech column for The Anglican. I believe most priests in the Diocese would benefit from an iPad. No wonder that at the Missional Summit we had last week (a gathering about about two-dozen missional leaders) there were four or five iPads present.



meg said...

Whatever you do, do NOT load Angry Birds, Ninja Jump, Plants vs. zombies, Carnivores or Godfinger. Do load Koi Pond for Henry, great way to calm a crazed toddler.

Felicity Pickup said...

re "believe most priests in the Diocese would benefit from an iPad."

Are you thinking iPad being a single gizmo replacement for the rector's Blackberry and laptop?

Tay Moss said...

Well, a smart phone (like a Blackberry) is still useful for many things--and so is a laptop/desktop for heavier tasks. But most of the time I'm actually doing stuff between those two things. Like attending meetings and checking my e-mail and referring to my calendar, and I suspect the same is true for most priests.

Tay Moss said...

@Meg: Yes, Angry Birds is pretty awesome, I haven't tried any of the others, yet, but the Koi Pond sounds right up Henry's Alley.