Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Robbie Burns Dinner: 2013

Tim Harry, who the unofficial Diocesan Videographer and my partner in crime for bringing the Diocese into the Digital Media age, put together this little advertizement for this year's Robbie Burns Dinner at Church of The Messiah. These Dinners are held in honor of the Scottish poet Robbie Burns and celebrate Scottish culture and tradition. Really, for me, it's just a good reason to have a fun party. Because we have a Celtic Dance studio that rents space from the church, they provide most of the muscle to organize and run the event. This was the second time we've done it, and it was amazing to see how much easier it was.

Yes, we did serve haggis. The food (including the haggis) was amazing thanks to our friends at Vittorio's (who provided the catering). We've had a long relationship with that restaurant and use them to cater church events whenever we can.

Many thanks go to Meghan Bold, by the way, who did the brunt of making this dinner happy. She's a champ! Check out her Dance Studio here.


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