Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sermon: Epiphany 4 2013 - Bruce Smith

Despite the fact that Bruce Smith and I know a lot of people in common and he has a historic connection to my church, we had never met until just before this year's Vital Church Planting Conference: Toronto. Bruce was once an Associate of Church of The Messiah, and later became the Director of Church Army, Canada. Now they are known as Threshold Ministries.

Bruce contacted me just before VCP and asked whether we could have a coffee. It was an epic conversation of the sort where two people recognize and respect pretty quickly where the other is coming from. I could tell immediately that Bruce is a deeply prayerful man and an effective minister of the Gospel. So, naturally, when I saw him at the VCP Conference that Friday I invited him to preach the following Sunday!

Here is his sermon from that day, February 3 (Epiphany 4), 2013.


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