Monday, April 8, 2013

Notes on Rotisserie Duck

So, I made that Rotisserie Duck with Honey Glaze and Drip Pan New Potatoes recipe I mentioned last post. It was shockingly simple, and pretty tasty. A couple of notes:
  • If at all possible, dry brine for longer than just overnight. Next time I would go for 24-36 hours.
  • When dry-brining, it's good to have a "project fridge" like I do in my garage so you have lots of room for this beast. Plus, it enhances the WAF ("Wife Acceptance Factor") of the dish.
  • Make sure your dry-brine pan in slightly tilted so the juices extracted by the salt have a place to go.
  • Heat management inside the grill is critical. I ended up cooking this bird a little faster than ideal.
  • The potatoes may need a little finishing in a 350F oven, mine did.
  • Also, consider adding some spices to the potatoes as you finish them (I added some thyme and pepper.
I'm definitely sold on a Rotisserie cooking. Can't wait to do my next bird!

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