Thursday, May 28, 2009

For Teenagers--Hugging is the New Hello

The New York Times notes that hugging has become very popular among teenagers in the last couple of years. Whether its girls hugging girls, boys hugging girls, or even boys hugging boys, it has become so popular that many schools have banned it! No one is quite sure why this has become popular, one theory is that children are raised to be more cooperative and social now--less given to cynicism and detachment. Another theory is that counterbalances the facelessness of facebook, twittering, and texting.

I'm a big fan of hugs, but I have a hard time initiating them. Fear of rejection, I guess. I always appreciated that hugs, not handshakes, are the customary greeting at the exchange of the peace at the Masses at Holy Cross. It's sometimes a bit awkward, but I think that's part of the usefulness of the practice: it's training for heavenly places.

Speaking of Holy Cross--I'm redoing their website this summer. That will mean reorganizing the current content as well as adding a bunch of new stuff. I'm particularly looking forward to producing a few short videos. I've been boning up on things like video lighting, editing techniques, sound, and optimizing video encoding. Jack of all trades, me. Funny how I'm happiest when I'm learning new skills.


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Geoff said...

Yes, this jives with my experience. Hugging is a fairly common greeting among friends in my circles. I'm quite relaxed about hugging both girls and boys. I had a fairly, ahem, ambiguous friendship with an ostensibly heterosexual classmate in high school, and we were known to hug for a good minute at the end of our class together. Our teacher finally had to shoo us away so she could usher her next class in.