Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Ways to Give Yourself Cancer

Check this out, R.J. Reynolds is test marketing new tobacco products that dissolve in your mouth. No smoke. No spitting. Camel "Orbs" are bead-like droplets of flavored nicotine. "Strips" are like those breath-freshening strips and give a heavy dose of nicotine (much higher than a cigarette) very quickly. "Sticks" are shaped like toothpicks and stretch the high out.

Critics say these candy-like delivery methods are an attempt to appeal to kids, but really it's just a creative solution to the problems of "smoking." Time will tell whether it works, but given the success of tea-bag like "Snus." Will this stuff kill you? Of course it will! Will it make it "easier" for people to get a nicotine high without the problems of secondhand smoking? Of course it will! Who dreams these things up?


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Anonymous said...

Who doth dream indeed? yet one more way to deliver the fix.

it used to be that back in the day all the smoking related cancers were in the central zones of the lungs

after the introduction of filters the particles got smaller and incidence of tumors spread to the periphery... i wonder what effect these will have, gotta love the camel.

what's up with bringing animals into the sales pitch. i was at the zoo yesterday and the elephants were hugging on the coke machine