Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sermon - Easter 5 2009

I was very pleased with how my sermon turned out on Sunday. As is often the case, it's hard to predict what the finished product will be like--but this one turned out solid. I used the examples of the shows "Twin Peaks" and "Lost" to discuss how communities and individuals deal with the darkness and evil around and within us. Ultimately I argue that the Christian community strives to be more like "Twin Peaks," with a grounded sense of identity. That rootedness is to be found in Christ.

Sound is better this week, the new mic placement works okay, though it's not ideal. Closer to ideal would perhaps be a shotgun mic aimed at the ambo from 15 or 20 feet away. But I'm certainly learning. I'm not entirely happy with the sound mastering I did in post of this clip, but I don't have time to monkey with any more than I did.

I'm bothered more and more by the light. Far too bright on one side of my face than the other thanks to the sunlight coming in through the windows. What I really need is a light on the other side to act as a fill to balance it. Hopefully before this summer I'll have some extra cash to buy a light that could work in this application as well as for doing the Holy Cross interviews. A cheaper option would be a reflector, but this would look pretty obnoxious in the space! Compromises, compromises.

Here's the audio...

Here's a direct link to the MP3 file...



Felicity Pickup said...

I agree that the sermon wound up solid, but as a consumer I'd say that you need to work the theme over a bit more some time. But perhaps that's because I am experiencing the sermon video in a similar way to reading a sermon. Which is different from experiencing it during worship.

And as for lighting let's keep in mind it's a real church not a television studio. I think it should continue to look like a real church, even with variable lighting from the sunlight coming in through the windows, in your videos.

I'd rather you didn't call 250 Davenport a housing "project." I find that "project" carries baggage and sounds bad these days when talking about people's homes. Let's just call it "the highrise apartment building" at 250 Davenport."

But I'm interested to hear what Councillor Vaughan said about the problems the tenants there are experiencing and what the City is trying to do to protect that little neighborhood.

Tay Moss said...

yes, I probably shouldn't have used "project"--but I do think that it's the word the Councillor used. Maybe "supportive housing development" would be better? -t