Friday, August 14, 2009

Freaky Friday

I was up all night last night. First, spending precious time with Bede. Then, in the workshop fabricating the metal bits of my amplifier project. This project is turning out to be more difficult than I imagined--but I'm certainly learning a lot. The value of a good table saw and drill press, for example! I working so hard on it right now because I want to get it completed before I leave for New Jersey to see my mom. Once I leave, I won't have easy access to these tools. I suppose that since the major fabrication is done I might be able to finish without a workshop, but I just as soon get the damn thing built while I have my work spaces set up, etc.

Also today I have one last interview to do, a short list of B-roll to shoot that I haven't gotten already, a session with the monks to go over some final details about the website, and then packing up all my crap (and there is a lot of that).

Even as I write this I realize I'm going to have to drop something. Either I spend another night here (disappointing my mom), or else something doesn't get done. Sigh.


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MEH said...

Hi Tay,
I just put together who you are. Your family were friends of Bede's during his so-journ in Kansas. Am I right.
Bede and I are great friends. Have known him since the mid-1970's, I think it was June of 1974. I was nursinf my Mother and the doctor told me to go somewhere and restore, refresh and rebuild.
We must get together when you get back to Toronto. I have friends in NJ as well, in Wysoki.