Friday, August 21, 2009

St. Peter's Lutheran, NYC

Take a look at this font:

It's in an architecturally interesting church--St. Peter's Lutheran (ELCA), Manhattan--that you may recognize from the TV series "Kings" on NBC. Alas, "Kings" was cancelled. Too bad, another example of why the traditional networks can't imitate the success of HBO's high quality productions. They just don't have the patience to develop a show like this. Anyway, they shot a bunch of scenes on location in this church, and I was pleased to be able to track it down.

One of the interesting features of this font/baptismal pool is that you can walk into from above easily with the steps that go right into the pool. Or, it's an a convenient height relative to the nave floor for doing baptism via sprinkling.

The set-dressers for the show "Kings" added some really cool tree-shaped free-standing candelabras. I hope the chancel guild of the church was paying attention!

Here are some more photos of St. Peter's Lutheran...

And, yes, that organ is a "Tracker."


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