Saturday, August 29, 2009


Betsy and I are feeling overwhelmed by the possible options for transporting our future gene-bearer in safety and comfort. Options abound. Do we go for the "travel system" that combines stroller and infant car seat? Or do we get a separate stroller and car seat. The problem is quite complex when you start overlapping time lines like "this seat is good to 22-lbs and that stroller can be used starting at 6 months but must be replaced when the kid is 50-lbs. etc. etc." Jogging-style strollers are good in snow (and we'll be dealing with that after the kid is born in December), but they usually don't take infant car seats. Options and combinations proliferate. Making matters more confusing, many of the models are only slightly distinguishable from each other. Sigh!

On Friday we put up book shelves in the ARC and starting sorting through our resources. Lots of great stuff, but we need some money to develop the ARC. We need a computer to catalogue and some money to buy more books. Still no word from the Diocese about the innovative ministry grant we applied for, which means we probably didn't get it. It frustrates me a great deal that something that would so obviously help the Diocese move forward is getting such little support from a Diocesan level. They say they want us to develop parish-level stuff to take the place of services formerly provided by the diocese. Yet our little committee is getting basically no support or even encouragement from the powers-that-be. Cutting edge is figuring out how to work together to do grass-roots development of excellence in parish ministry. Sigh!

Still, it was encouraging to start filling up shelves with books! Yeah, us!


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