Monday, March 1, 2010

Breakfast on my Day Off: Chorizo y Huevos con Tay

I've been perfecting this dish all week. Brings me back to Mexico!

Chorizo y Huevos con Tay

3 Flour Tortillas (normal-size, not "Burrito-Style")
1 Tbps. vegetable oil
1/4 Cup diced green onion
1 clove garlic
1 Dried Chili Pepper (your choice)
1/2 Chorizo sausage
salt / pepper
1 tsp. ground cayenne pepper
2 large eggs
1/2 cup grated cheese (optional)
hot sauce (optional)

Dinner plate
Tea Towel
small non-stick skillet (6 inch or so)
teflon-safe spatula
2 small mixing bowls


1. Set your oven to very-very low. Drench the tea towel in tap water, then ring it out so that it is merely damp. Put the three tortillas on the plate, place in the oven, then cover loosely with the damp towel.

2. Dice the green onion and set aside. Mince the garlic and add to the green onion. Finely dice the chili pepper and add it to the onion and garlic. (If you want it on the hotter-side, use the seeds as well, otherwise, discard them.)

3. Start the skillet heating up on medium. When it it is hot enough to make a spritz of water sizzle, add the oil. Meanwhile, in a small mixing bowl combine cayenne pepper and a pinch of salt and pepper. Take your half-sausage of Chorizo and remove the stuffing from the skin. Discard the skin. Form the meat into little balls smaller than your finger tip. Put them in the bowl of spices and stir to coat.

4. When the oil is up to temperature (it should have a shiny surface and will make a drop of water jump), add the Chorizo balls. stir frequently to brown thoroughly on all sides. While the chorizo is cooking (it will take about 5 to 7 minutes), whisk two eggs in a small bowl. Making them a little frothy is best.

5. When the sausage is browned on all sides, take the pieces out of the oil and set aside. There should be about 2 or even 3 Tablespoons of oily goodness in the skillet. Excellent. Now, add the garlic, onion, and dried chili. Saute for until the onion starts to brown, about 2 minutes. Pour the eggs into the skillet, return the Chorizo, and stir immediately.

6. At this point, you are making scrambled eggs. Retrieve the plate from the oven. As the eggs begin to set, transition from a stirring action to more of a folding action. This next part is important: the biggest mistake people make with scrambled eggs is overcooking. So as soon as the last bit of liquid egg is about to set, take the skillet off the heat. Don't worry, the eggs will continue to cook for a minute or two and thus coast the rest of the way to perfect doneness.

7. Immediately divide the cooked eggs between the three tortillas. You want to make a kind of line with them to help folding the tortillas. Optionally, sprinkle on a little cheese and a couple of dashes of your favourite hot sauce. (I like Frank's).

A word about Salsa. If you have a real salsa, feel free to add a little. But I would warn against using one of those ketchup-like messes that they call "Salsa" in North American grocery stores. The goopy flavour will simply overwhelm the complexity of the dish. The clean heat of a hot sauce like Tabasco or Franks, on the other hand, will stimulate taste buds (making all the flavours more vibrant) and encourage digestion.

8. Serve on the same warm plate you used in the oven. If serving more than one person, be sure to have warmed their plates, too, as cold plates will quickly sap the heat out of these yummy treats.

BTW, I realize that some people reading that recipe might be worried that it is too hot. But, because the dried hot peppers are sauteed, that will break down much of the Capsaicin (the chemical that makes chili hot). So I would say this recipe is about a 2 on a 1 to 10 heat scale--not bad at all.




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