Saturday, March 27, 2010


The Obama family started a tradition of observing a Passover Seder meal back in the Campaign days, now it is an annual tradition at the White House. It's strictly for family and close friends of the Obamas, and has been the occasion for some amusing misunderstandings with security and culinary personnel. You can read about in the NYTimes... The idea of Christians hosting these events is a bit sticky, but the article doesn't comment on that. Personally, I love going to Seders. I think it a wonderful way to celebrate a shared, holy history. We, too, claim Abraham as our forefather.

I hate to be too cynical, but I think the reason that we are only hearing about this annual tradition this Passover is because of the current tensions between the White House and the state of Israel. No doubt the President's people are feeding this charming glimpse of White House life to the press corp to soften his image a bit in relation to the Jewish people.

Because despite Sarah Silverman's persuasive arguments, many Jewish-Americans still distrust President Obama (especially older Jewish-Americans). And the recent tension between the President and the Israeli government doesn't help. But maybe this Seder story will make a few people smile?


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