Thursday, May 13, 2010

Anglican Church of Canada Liturgical Texts Now Online!

Yes, friends, it has finally happened! The Anglican Church of Canada has finally released PDF files for the authorized prayers of our church. It only took 25 years! On this website you can find links to the BAS, For All the Saints, Occasional Celebrations, and the authorized supplemental prayers. This is going to be very helpful to many of us that do liturgical planning work in our parishes. Good for them for securing all those different copyrights to make this happen!



movabletype said...

This is an excellent resource, but it's unfortunate not to include the BCP. The Church of England's approach is more even-handed:

Tay Moss said...

I'm told that the Prayerbook Society already has the text online.

Tay Moss said...

I'm also told, by an insider, that a link to the BCP text will be put on that page shortly with the others. I don't think this was about an anti-BCP bias, but more likely just the fact that the BCP text has already been available online for some time, so the focus settled on making these available.