Friday, May 21, 2010

Sermon - Easter 4 2010

On Easter 4 I used the story of St. Lydia (and her hospitality at Philippi) to explore some themes I was working on about hospitality and graciousness. Also, I was introducing a series of testimonials by members of our parish. These testimonials (inspired, in part, by Rev'd Lillian Daniel's work on the use of congregational testimonials) are about five minutes for a member of our church to tell the community about how God is at work in their lives. It is a very powerful community discipline, and I would encourage other churches to experiment with the form.

Because these accounts are so personal, I've decided not to put them up on the web for public viewing. If you are a member of the parish, I am happy to share these "Messiah Moments" with you, otherwise, consider this motivation to come to get know us better!


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