Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Carpenter's Boat Shop

I've known about The Carpenter's Boat Shop in Maine since I met Kim Hoare in seminary. As Kim explained it to me, The Carpenter's Boat Shop teaches traditional wooden boat making in the context of Christian Community. From their website:
Founded in 1979, the Carpenter's Boat Shop is an apprenticeship-school and community for all people. Whether apprentices are between college and life careers, jobs and new directions, alcoholism and sobriety, or simply transitioning into retirement, the Boat Shop provides a safe harbor before setting sail on a new course in life. While considering goals and directions, apprentices live in community and learn boatbuilding, carpentry, furniture making, sailing, seamanship, and perform community service. They also explore personal faith through reading, study, and discussion. It is our hope that apprentices will gain a deeper knowledge of themselves, a clearer vision for their life's goals, and a stronger commitment in their service to others. (source)

This is a great example of the link between spirituality and craftsmanship that I've often spoken about. We are meant to be creative creatures, cooperating with God to transform the world around us. At The Carpenter's Boat Shop, they do this in a very gentle way, by creating a supportive community and building wooden boats.

Here is footage from the recent launch of a traditional "Peapod" Design destined to be a workboat for the zero carbon lobstering project on Matinicus Island.

Here is a copy of the prayer that they use to bless the boats they make (you can hear it in the video, as well):
Round our skiff be God's aboutness -
Ere she try the depths of sea.
Seashell frail for all her stoutness,
Unless Thou her Helmsman be.

Old Scottish Prayer


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