Monday, May 20, 2013

Blessing "Knot Here"

We took advantage of the beautiful weather to say farewell to our friends the Robinson family as they go on a three-month sabbatical cruise on their boat, Dragonfly. They invited some of their friends to their sailing club, QCYC. This was also a good opportunity to bless the new boat, "Knot Here," who will be taking "Dragonfly's" place in Dave's slip at the club and racing. Before the blessing I took her out a little sail with Charles, Henry, and Betsy. She handles well and I enjoyed our little outing immensely. There is still a lot to learn with this boat, but it's coming quick. Henry managed to finally take a nap in cabin, which was terrific.

Back at the marina we blessed and renamed the boat using a liturgy that Dave and Heather developed for Peregrine (their previous boat) and used on Dragonfly. I believe parts of it are taken from the blessing ceremony used by the Canadian Navy, but I'm not certain about that. It's a touching liturgy that hits some nice notes.

Here is the leaflet created for the liturgy.

I'll be on retreat at Holy Cross starting tomorrow. Coming back Friday. A pretty ambitious trip--just like me to do things the hard way! Anyway, here is a picture of me and Betsy for your pleasure...

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