Monday, May 20, 2013

Time Off

This past week (since my last post) was supposed to be time off, but of course I find it difficult to disengage from the parish. There was a lot to do, still, at the church. I had to make the leaflet for Pentecost and I had a Corporation meeting and a few urgent e-mails and phone calls to deal with. Also urgent was getting the Kirby 23 (which we've decided to name "Knot Here" rather than "Redemption Song") up-to-snuff before Dave, our skipper, leaves on vacation. That required fixing a small leak, installing a bilge pump, and getting necessary safety gear, etc. It wasn't until Saturday that I was finally able to actually sail her for the first time.

It was "Sailpast," the day when the club officially kicks off the season with ceremonial salutes back and forth between boats and the Commodore of the Club. We "Dressed" both Dragonfly and Knot Here with colorful flags and had BBQ. I was managing Henry on my own, which was a bit of a challenge, but we did it. Here are two pictures to give a sense of what this was all like:
"Knot Here" Dressed for Sailpast
Henry enjoying the feeling of speed on the water

The first sail was exhilarating. Charles--one of my mates--and I took her out with Henry and Charles' friend Audrey. I've "driven" boats before, but this was the first time I've done so as the primary guy in charge (Charles doesn't have his boating license yet). I have to say that it was easier than I expected. Motoring was a piece of cake and then sailing was lovely. She's responsive and fun and I can't wait to take her out again! We are doing a re-naming and blessing ceremony on Victoria Day (tomorrow) so my plan is to go for a sail then.

One of my big questions about "Knot Here" is whether she could be single-handed. In mild to moderate conditions: yes, easily. Now, whether I could do that with Henry also on board is another question. What happens in the extremely unlikely event that I get knocked overboard, for example? If I am by myself and in Toronto Harbour it's a short swim to shore and hopefully the boat won't hit anybody before it runs aground. But it could be quite dangerous for Henry to be alone on board in that kind of situation. So for the time being I think I need a buddy to go with me, just in case.

Today we had brunch with some friends and then went to church at St. George the Martyr. It was a nice service and I had some nice chats afterwards. Then it was home for naps, a bit of gardening, playtime with Henry, and other tasks.

This week I am heading off to Holy Cross for a Tuesday-Friday retreat. It's going to be rich and wonderful and challenging, I'm sure. Not least because it means leaving Betsy with Henry and no car for four days!


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