Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Mural is FINISHED!

Susy finished the Mural in the Children's Chapel. It look's awesome. Here's a few shots...
The "Heaven" Wall

Left side of "Heaven" with John the Baptist, Theresa of Calcutta, and Barbara

Peter, Mary Magdalene, Cherubs, and others on the right side of Heaven

The Kingdom of God on Earth

Many of the animals were modeled on those of actual parishioner's and staff

Mary and Joseph looking on the scene, proud of their son

And yes, that is me in the "Earth" side of the mural wearing a gray Utilikilt. I'm thankful that Susy gave me hair in the Kingdom of God! (I was a cute kid)



Felicity Pickup said...

Ooh! Lucky kids!

aaronorear said...

Excellent! Like a medieval doom painting...but less with the snarling mouth of hell and more with the Kingdom of God.