Monday, June 1, 2009

My Day Off

Last night I picked up Betsy at the Buffalo Airport. Traffic on the QEW going back to the GTA was terrible thanks to the night construction. So we got back around midnight and went straight to bed. I slept in 'tlll noon. Felt great. Made lunch for the two of us and then watched a little TV. Made supper (Green Thai Curry with shrimp). Then Betsy and I went to a softball game. A friend of mine plays in a regular pick-up game and invited me to join him. I haven't played softball in a long time, but I sure did enjoy it tonight. I managed to get several base hits, and even got in for a run myself! Great. Next time I'll remember to bring beer--this is the sort of group that like to drink beer while they play ball. All good. Nice group of guys. Betsy watched from the sidelines.

Came home and enjoyed a very nice BLT. I've been feeling the BLT-love lately. What a great late night snack! Now I'm just watching the "Daily Show" and enjoying the end of my day off...


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