Thursday, June 18, 2009

Random thoughts from a Thursday

Kind of an odd day. Slept in some. Still woke up with a sore shoulder. At work I attended to various tasks, but generally felt pretty unmotivated. By the time I headed home at 5:30 I was ready for the (short) day to be over.

The Fish House Punch turned out well--but will get better as the days go by. Slightly less lemon than the last time I made it, I think.

A friend wants me to preside at his wedding this summer. I'm pleased about this. It means going down to Virginia and catching up with some old college friends. Hard to believe I've been out of college for ten years!

On my mind: cloth diapers or disposable? They say in the first few weeks you can average more than 25 diaper changes a day! Yikes. Cloth options seem very attractive. Even with a service to do the washing they are still something like 40% cheaper than disposables. Modern cloth diapers are also much easier to use than the old fashioned style. Generally, you cloth diapers into a leak-proof nylon shell that keeps the absorbent cotton part snug with snaps or velcro. And, of course, there is no reason you can't still use disposables for trips, etc. The service picks up the soiled diapers and replaces them with a fresh set once a week. Hmm...


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Felicity Pickup said...

More to think about re cloth:
laundering the nylon shells
diaper pail(filled with odor-killer?)

Other interesting things:
diaper rash