Friday, June 26, 2009

Straight out of Compline

In the "Anglican priests doing embarassing but funny things in cassocks" vault comes a new submission: The BCP Boys with "Straight Out of Compline."

Check out some of these fan Anglo-Catholic lyrics:
Straight outta Compline!

I'm a young priest who is fightin the beast
The only way to do it's when I'm facin' the east
I'm from the west coast of PEI
And I wantcha to know that my church is fly
I teach the Word as a rector
And I wear a biretta
For I gotta long cope with black rope
And it gives Anglos hope
My bells and smells are so dope
I'm not Johnny Cash but I dress in black
I got thirty-nine buttons in front of my back
My collar is visible
With a Spirit formidable
And I'm kissable
Well Hiltz was his name
A bishop who rose to fame
Put me in the game
He got me talkin 'bout the trinity
So quick you get sick of me
Straight outta compline!


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