Sunday, June 7, 2009

Spring Fling 2009

On Saturday the church held its annual "Spring Fling"--a day for planting flowers, cleaning up, and do the usual sort of landscaping necessary to keep the place looking beautiful in the neighbourhood. Lots of people, including kids, helped out. Mercifully, it wasn't as hot out as last year. There also wasn't quite as much catch-up work to do as last year.

After the garden work the church had a pool party at the house of one of our parishioners. Great fun was had by all, I even managed to do my famous, traditional cannonball! Just as the party was getting going I ducked back to church to do a service (the Healing Prayer Service) and then I came back for the rest of the party. Went to bed early, exhausted.

Today was a good church day. I'll share more once I get the video together. Alas, right now I have like three or four media projects to do, on top of my other responsibilities!


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