Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Home Stretch

Some nice, hard sailing after work today. It was just the skipper and I, so the cockpit was a busy place! Initially it looked like the wind was going to be crummy, but then just before the start the wind picked up. By the time the start came we were flying along at hull speed (the fastest the boat is designed to sail). We were going so fast, in fact, that we had to back off the start line so as not to cross over too early. The first leg upwind was intense, and when we rounded the first mark we were challenging for third place in our fleet. We maintained that position for the second leg, but after rounding the second mark we tacked north while most of the fleet went the other way. The distance to travel is the same, but we were hoping to have better wind on that part of the course. Alas, the wind died out for us and we spent some time wallowing at less than a knot of speed. By the time we caught good wind again, we had slipped to near the back of our fleet. Nonetheless, we beat one boat to the finish and were within 38 seconds of the boat in front of us.

This is the last time sailing for me until mid-September. I'm going to be away at Holy Cross for a month. And even if I weren't, my sailing friend is taking his family on a long cruise, anyway. As we enjoyed an especially good race-night buffet while watching the sun set red on Toronto, I savored my beer. What a life!

Lots of preparation happening for my trip. I've been checking things off my to-do list at a comfortable pace. Today we had a good staff meeting to go over some last minute stuff. I also met with the substitute music leader for Sunday. I also said Mass in the morning--I'm very happy to have someone to say the Wednesday morning Contemplative Eucharists while I'm away.

Tomorrow's big adventure will be a ride-along in the evening with the cops! I'm going to love seeing this part of Toronto from the police perspective!


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