Saturday, July 11, 2009

A trip to Active Surplus

Went to a fun birthday party for a parishioner on Friday night. TONS of Messiah people there, including pretty much all the Messiah kids. They were running around and having a good time, too. At one point I was out on a big deck enjoying the Toronto night air. It's a good life!

I'm still doing various errands in preparation for my trip. Today that included a trip to Active Surplus, one of my favourite stores in Toronto. This place has lots of little pieces of random surplus electronics stuff perfect for a guy like me. This trip was to pick some odds and ends for my amp project. At this point I should have almost all the components except the wood and metal to make the enclosure (Home Depot) and a few tiny electrical components that I can pickup at a Radio Shack.

It's going to be a neat project. I have no idea how long it will take--probably a day or two at least--to put everything together. If I'm lucky it will all work right the first time I flip the switch! It's going to be handsome, too, with stained wood sides/front and a brass top plate.

There was a very good discussion about sin and forgiveness at the Healing Prayer service today. Interesting how there is a lot more opportunity for teaching and real discussion in smaller worship groups like what I have on Saturdays and Wednesday mornings.

Now I'm just watching some baseball and eating Chinese Delivery. Yep, I'm in bachelor mode.


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