Monday, July 13, 2009

Warm, Creative Parish Seeks Music Leader with a Heart for Mission

I've started posting the blurb advertising the Minister of Music position widely. We already getting applications, several of which are very promising. Always a relief to actually get a response when you put something like this out to the universe.

If you know someone who might interested, or want to post the flyer somewhere, here it is in PDF. Of course, this is just a summary. The full job description, with details about the responsibilities, etc., is available here on the website. Then there are all the relational and dynamics that can be only be elicited in the interview process. In fact, it these relationship chemistry factors that are most important to me. I want to have a sense of how this person will fit into the team and how we will work together to the Spirit's will in this place.

Already I can see how expressing what I'm talking about in words begins to get a bit "mushy" and imprecise. Spirit-language is often accused of being ephemeral by those that want a more rational framework, but I know experience that God does tell us what to do (or whom to hire, for that matter) if we are patient enough to listen for that call.

If I do have to step out of the spirit-led discernment mode to talk about what I want in a Minister of Music, I think the next place I land is the Mission-Shaped framework. How does the liturgy enact the Mission of Church? Obviously, I have some ideas about that, but I'm eager to hear how others address this challenge.


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