Sunday, April 19, 2009

AGO Sunday

Sunday attendance was kind of soft today, which is unsurprising after last week's easter church-a-thon. But I thought my sermon turned out well and most things seemed to be running well. I see a lot of stuff I would like to improve--for example there is way to much "junk" in the Vestry--but these are mostly long-term kinds of projects that don't keep me up much at night. Sometimes I wish I had a proper "sexton" would keep on top of things like making sure the chairs are arranged correctly and that stuff gets put away correctly. Right now it falls on me to catch all the details missed by AA's clean-up crew or the cleaners. As I was picking up week-old leaflets and bits of trash I thought how if I was on vacation or something this task would probably not happen, but it wouldn't really matter so much. I mean, really, how often do these details make a difference? But at least it's something I have control over!

After the service I gave counsel to a random person who stopped by looking for help. From there it was off to the AGO with the youth/confirmation group. Betsy led us to select pieces on display and engaged the kids about what they could learn from them. Eventually we split up into two groups for a scavenger hunt of a sort. We went looking for specific pieces and then answered pre-arranged questions about them. I really like the AGO a lot, and spending the afternoon with our kids there looking at art was pleasant, indeed.

Came home. Watching baseball. Will go grocery shopping in a little while, so it goes...


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