Thursday, April 2, 2009

MagCloud--a New Way to Publish Magazines

Prepare for a revolution in the magazine world--MagCloud is coming. Essentially, it's an on-demand magazine printing business developed by HP that eliminates all of the start-up costs normally associated with magazine publishing. All you do is create your magazine as glossy and beautiful as you want it and then upload it to the MagCloud Site. When someone orders a copy, the company prints it off and mails it, charging 20 cents per page off the top. So if I make a 30 page full-colour magazine and charge $12 per copy, MagCloud will keep $6 and the pass the rest back to me. They also handle all the shipping, subscription management, etc. You, the editor, can charge as much over the printing cost as you like. You can also sell advertising.

The whole system is in Beta, so no shipping to Canada, yet. Imagine making a glossy parish newsletter this way. Of course, the real challenge would be generating enough original content to fill all these pages!


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