Thursday, April 30, 2009

A New Tripod

Kind of an odd day. Slept in some, then to work. In the afternoon I went with Kerrie to the Diocesan Offices. We had a meeting to pick up several boxes of youth and children's ministry resources. These have been sitting in a storage room waiting for a better home, which I hope the ARC will provide. Going through the boxes we saw some excellent books and materials. Tomorrow we'll bring them to the ARC's first home at St. John's York Mills.

Being at the Diocesan Offices meant having some other random but important conversations about other things. The place is especially busy right now because Synod is only a few months away. There is a lot to organize and plan before that. I've got things to do for that, as well, since my team is presenting one of the workshops!

From there it was back to church. Made some progress clearing stuff out off my desk. Then I had a conference call with the other members of the Stewardship Committee. I've never tried a church meeting like this before, but it actually worked quite well for all of us. All we had to do was call a certain number and then enter a code to get into the conversation. I wonder whether we'll ever get to video telepresence...

After that I stopped by Henry's Camera/Video store to get a new tripod for the church video camera. The old one is falling apart and was never very good to begin with. The new one has a much nicer "fluid pan" head. I ended up also getting UV filters for both cameras and a flash cap. Before doing the videos at Holy Cross this summer I may have to pick up some kind of better audio and light solutions. The Canon HV20 is a great video camera, and with the right microphone and lights can easily match cameras worth thousands more. Henry's is a really interesting place to browse--lots of wonderful toys!


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