Sunday, April 12, 2009

Quick Post

The Great Vigil went well, though I was a bit more hectic running around getting everything ready than I would have liked to have been. It's such a gorgeous liturgy that I am loath to stop doing it even though we only get 10-15 people. Marili sang a great Exultant.

Then today went off very smoothly. The staff and I had worked had to make a great experience of Easter Sunday, and many things turned out even better than I anticipated. Attendance this morning was equal to last-year's, but considering the extra people at Maundy Thursday and Good Friday I'm considering this to have been an uptick from last year. I try not to get caught up in attendance numbers, but there is apart of that does, no matter how I try otherwise, care about whether we growing numerically.

More importantly, there are a lot things in place now that weren't here a year ago, and the Spirit of the place is transformed and renewed. So much energy and enthusiasm. I am, of course, exhausted now. I'll post some video (including of us doing liturgy dance!) later in the week....


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