Monday, April 6, 2009


I just want to commend to you all the new NBC series "Kings." It's sort of a midrash (retelling) of the Book of Samuel. It stars Ian McShane (whom I loved in Deadwood) as King Silas (aka Saul). In the pilot a young soldier from a farming family (David Shepherd) manages to destroy a tank named "Goliath" with an anti-tank missile while rescuing the King's son (Jack aka Jonathan). Thus young David is brought into the court and the drama ensues.

I always appreciate a series that is willing to give room for God to be a character. In "Kings" God's presence is shown through occasional signs and prophesies mediated by the characters' experiences of them. Reverend Samuels (aka Samuel) seem to have more such experiences than most of the characters, and these are handled in a way that is poetic without being cheesy. The writing is sharp and stylized in a way that reminds me of "The Wire," "Deadwood," and the early seasons of "The Unit." I appreciate dialog that rewards those who put down the laptop and pay attention to what's being said.

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