Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Emily's New Blog

As usual--lack of posts means I'm very busy. Henry has a way of making me want to stay home with him (and Betsy) rather than be chained to my desk editing sermon footage and making a CD out of the Advent Concert. Sigh. Perspective, you know?

Anyway, here is a note about St. Lydia's, an "Dinner Church" that my friend and fellow YDS Alumna has started in NYC. The project has it's own website, but now Emily has started a blog, as well. I can be a real "foodie" sometimes--so a fresh expression of church (to use the Canadian and U.K. dialect of missional language) has appeal. I would be all over that sucker. I'm tempted to start something like that here, but of course I don't have near enough time. I would be thrilled if I had enough time/energy to even start a tradition of home eucharists here at Messiah!


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Felicity Pickup said...

These people sound really sound (sane)! Judging by website.