Saturday, January 16, 2010

Vital Church Planting Conference 2010 Video

Here is a quick-and-dirty video I made to promote the Vital Church Plating Conference 2010. The name "Vital Church Planting" is a bit misleading, now, since we cover topics beyond simply church planting to cover missional church and fresh expressions more generally. It would be very useful for any parish looking to do new things in God's garden.

Registration is filling up very quickly, so if you haven't registered yet and would like to go, I suggest you do so soon!



Felicity Pickup said...

Quick, dirty and inaudible?

Tay Moss said...

Sounds okay on my PC, laptop, and iPhone. Not great, but okay. Pretty good for a video camera the size of a cigarette pack. Are you sure it's not just your particular computer? -t

Felicity Pickup said...

It was my earphones. Thx for help.