Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thoughts on Epiphany 4

Here is a scary idea--I could hook up an iPhone/iPod Dock to the church sound system. I could run a wire to the Presider's Chair. It would be like the Captain's Chair on the Enterprise. I could push a button to activate a Shruti Box sound or another to play an MLK Sermon, etc. I could even use voice commands. I can see it now, "Computer, play drone, major scale..."

Just kidding.

At church this morning I mentioned the Shruti Box app to Eric and he said that he found a large Shruti for sale in the GTA for about $200. Smaller ones are even cheaper. I think these have great potential for doing music with congregations--especially with smaller-sized groups. They are even easier than a Djembe (which also great for leading relatively small groups in holy song).

I don't see us using a Shruti for any Sunday mornings coming up--but the Djembe is a different matter. We actually have used the Djembe a fair amount for worship here at Messiah. One of these days I should take some lessons. It has a great energy is wonderful for processions.

A good day in church. More first-timers. I'm glad because I think this church is now really, really ready for some new people. All aspects of our programme are humming along and we have the capacity to incorporate some new people. I'm pleased about the fact that we have welcomed five new people into the life of our parish in the last few months. Anxiety is down and optimism is up. The community is feeling very warm and loving right now. Sweet!


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