Saturday, January 23, 2010

In Praise of Cloth Diapers

Values, in our society, are demonstrated by purchasing decisions. What you buy shows who you are. No where is this more true, so far in my experience, than when it comes to products designed for children. Options abound around every aspect of child rearing, far more than those facing our parents.

We've already marked ourselves in a number of ways. We had a natural birth... at home. We exclusively breast feed. We get most of our vegetables through a local organic CSA. We avoid BPA. We are pro-vaccine and think pacifiers are fine (but Henry doesn't care for them, anyway). We own a car even though we live in a city with decent public trans. We often watch TV while we eat dinner.

Weird how our society has encoded all of these decision with meaning. People will argue fiercely over any of those. I mean, they will practically come to blows sometimes over the evils of BPA or the importance of not using a car unnecessarily.

On the list: diapers: cloth or disposable. Other websites list the pros and cons so I won't go through them here, except to say that we appreciate that cloth diapers are cheaper than disposable (even with a service washing them for us), more environmentally sound (though that's arguable), and they are easier on the baby's skin. There is something very satisfying about a big stack of rectangular, clean, white, soft cotton diapers. And so easy to use thanks the nylon shell that holds them in place. Life is good!



Anonymous said...

I love cloth diapers too! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

I love cloth diapers too! Great job!

Padre Mickey said...

We used cloth diapers for both of our kids. The disposables were just coming in vogue at the time.