Monday, March 3, 2008


Not much to report today--except that I broke a stovetop in dramatic fashion. I had been using it season a cast-iron pan (following directions for doing so) and had just finished when I turned the stove top off and went downstairs to change the laundry to the drier. When I came back up, an alarmed looking cat was staring at a pile of glass spread all over the floor. Apparently the glass part of the stove surface had shattered. I guess some parts of the stove top cooled at the different rate than others? Anyway, it broke and we'll have to get that fixed. Bummer.


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Chuck said...

Aloha Tay,

During the Oct 2006 earthquake a ceramic rooster fell off a shelf and broke out range's glass top.

I think it ran about $500 to get it replaced. Also took a few weeks for the replacement top to get shipped in.

But,,,, the good news is that it was really clean!