Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Psalm 23

Here is a recording of the COTM choir performing Psalm 23 as set by Bobby McFerrin on Lent 4 (Mothering Sunday)....



Felicity Pickup said...

Thank you! I'd forgotten how beautiful anglican chant can be. (I hope it's OK that) I've added it to my music bookmarks.

Makes me wish that the choirmaster at my parish church could find more performance-type settings that don't leave me wondering "when this is going to be over."

Tay Moss said...

My music teacher speculates that people were singing before they were speaking. So rather than thinking of music as elevated speech, it may be more correct to think of speech as abbreviated song. This makes sense given what anthropologists are now saying about how sentences were prior to individual words--that is, that the expansive and multi-valiant gesture is more natural to human communication than the precise, narrow "word." An implication for liturgy is that we should think big rather than small--start with the big gesture, not atomic pieces that are fit together like so many lego blocks!