Friday, March 13, 2009

Cult and Paste

A friend of mine from College, Nathan Koons, has started a funky blog: "Cult and Paste." I haven't detected a central theme, yet, and the whole things is kind of creepy, actually...

Speaking of Hampden-Syndney, they have a new president: Christopher Howard! Yes, he's black. I'm delighted. He continues the HSC tradition of College Presidents with a background of service to our nation. It's a hell of a C.V. imagine a Rhodes Scholar, Special Forces Chopper Pilot, Harvard MBA, and the DIA (Defence Intelligence Agency) "Intelligence Officer of the Year." I'm not kidding, he did all that. Very, very cool. Oh, and he earned a Bronze Star in Afghanistan doing something related to human intelligence. And he played serious football. This dude is a hard core achiever!


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natathonanon said...

I did not know that. i wonder what's on the menu for sunday lunch.