Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vatican Discovers that People Watch You Tube

In an unusual letter to his bishops to be released this week, the Pope apologizes for mistakes made in the whole fiasco involving the pardoning of Bishop Richard Williamson. Williamson has repeatedly and even recently denied the Jewish Holocaust. Now, one of the mistakes the Pope admits to making is that they didn't realize so many people would watch the You Tube interview of Williamson denying the existence of the gas chambers. The thing is, this clip of Williamson denying the Holocaust was available before the Vatican lifted the excommunication.

You see, for the Vatican the issue of Williamson was about his "illicit" but "valid" ordination, not his denial of the holocaust. His real sin had been going around church authority, not denying the most important human-rights crime of the 20th century. So it was quite a surprise to them when everyone erupted. Apparently no one at the Vatican bothers to Google anybody. Nor do they have antenna tuned to pick up on these sensitivities.


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