Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Supposedly my vacation started today, though I actually did come in for most of the day to work on two projects. One is repairing the roof from the leak we had at Christmas Eve--remember that one? So I was up there today with one of my Wardens and the Roofer. Looks like a relatively minor repair is necessary, but he expects the roof itself should last about another five years, which is good to hear.

The other project I was work on was finishing the grant proposal for the ARC. I ended up making a sharp-looking application, IMHO, take a look:

It looks better, and more read-able, as a PDF. The printed version with bleeds and so forth is nice and spiffy. The text was somewhat of a group effort, but the design was based on a template from InDesign that I spiffed up. It's at the printer now.

Any-who.... Time to go home and start my vacation for real. 'Nough this coming-into-work stuff!


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