Thursday, March 5, 2009

Healing Prayer Banner

I had this banner printed up and hung it on the Avenue Road side of the church to promote the Healing Prayer Service we started last week. I know it's not the most interesting design in the world, but without a volunteer with design skills to rely on I can only do what I can do. It's a start, at least.

So that covers one angle. Coming down the hill people will see the healing prayer service advertised on our main sign. Then I have it advertised again on A-frames along the sidewalk on the Dupont Road side of the church. So I have most of the angles covered. We'll see if it actually attracts anyone!

Some lessons learned: printing a banner like this is pretty easy. Kinkos just needs a PDF of the design. It runs about $15/square foot irregardless of the design's complexity, number of colours, etc. Turnaround is about 48 hours. Pretty straight forward.



Daniel Graves said...

Looks great, Tay!

What sort of liturgy are you using?


Tay Moss said...

Kind of loosey-goosey based on BAS p. 554. I.e. Greeting, collect, a reading from scripture, another collect, then I ask people what they want to pray for and lead a few minutes of extemporaneous prayer based on those requests, giving people a chance to add their own prayers, of course. I then ask whether anyone desires laying on of hands/anointing, in which case I follow p. 555. I wrap it up with a prayer of thanks.